Blue Delta operates across the clean energy, energy efficiency and carbon offset markets. We also deliver the necessary technical and engineering expertise to help project owners qualify their projects as eligible to generate environmental attributes.


Blue Delta evaluates existing and emerging clean energy technologies including wind, solar, hydroelectric, renewable thermal, biomass and others to determine their eligibility toward generating Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Offsets.  Clients rely on our expertise, market savvy and asset management services to create, contract for and sell environmental attributes to receive maximum value for their projects.


From technical guidance on evaluating and qualifying Combined Heat & Power (CHP) projects as renewable resources, to creating and monetizing the associated Energy Efficiency Credits (EECs), Blue Delta offers full asset management services to generate a steady revenue stream for clients.  We provide the engineering, regulatory, legal, administrative and market expertise to optimize the value of all EECs generated by a CHP project.


Blue Delta develops strategies with partners in the private and public sectors to reach increasingly aggressive internal sustainability and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals.  As institutions seek unique ways to invest in renewable energy and carbon reduction projects, Blue Delta creates and delivers customized investment solutions and portfolio options to our clients.


We work with lawmakers, regulators and industry stakeholders at the state, regional and national levels to advance renewable energy policy and guide the implementation of clean energy programs, particularly for new and emerging renewable technologies.